Sister Lola Femminesta Womyn of Justice


Manifesting as Sister Lola Feminista Womyn of Justice not only helps me become a better human being, but it allows me to give a little piece of myself to others.

As a Sister, I share myself unconditionally to those who need it most. I am able to interact with people at different stages of their lives and give them what they need at that very moment. I feel I bring a different part of our community to the Sisters. My passion is equality and JUSTICE for all people. I saw a need in the Sisterhood for more bio females, especially here. I have also dedicated my life to the eradication of sexual and domestic violence and this is one community that is always left out when it comes to this issue.

My goals as a Sister are to bring joy to those around me, educate people about same-sex rape and domestic violence and make everyone comfortable with the saying the word VAGINA! It’s good for the soul!